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The decision was taken by the business to redesign the adviser-facing quote and apply system in 2011. The previous system was old, slow and had a number of usability issues. Key among these was an awkward, double layer of tabs which we realised from the analytics meant that advisers were clicking through each benefit tab even if they only wanted to quote on one product/benefit.


  • Drive sales and revenue
  • Customer centric, support and assist the sales process
  • Cost savings/efficiencies (decrease quote time and increase STR)
  • Improve navigation and usability

Starting with a business requirements document I worked with our business analyst to break-down the process into use cases, and from there into individual screens. To solve the problem of advisers clicking through tabs it was decided to use a ‘quote workspace’ area. From here advisers could access a ‘menu’ of all the products and additional benefits. Each product or benefit would open in its own modal window.

Now began the wire framing process. Numerous layouts were worked-up, first on paper and then in Illustrator. Myself, our business analyst and the marketing stakeholders would then crit each one intensively in order to arrive at the final design of the quote workspace.

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Straight-through quote completions were increased by 20%

This is the single largest project I have undertaken in my time with Vitality. With something in the region of 30,000 quotes being produced by advisers every month and providing the backbone of VitalityLife’s business this was no small feat. The old system was creaky, unintuitive and slow to progress through. I was tasked with bringing it up-to-date.

I worked on the entire process on this, from taking the BRD and creating wireframes through the UX journeys to the final design and a fully-functioning front-end build finishing by helping our development team to deliver something close to the original designs.

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